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Studio by Nas


Visual identity & Merchandise




Our journey began with the creation of a trademark and signature, a dynamic emblem that doesn't just represent Bolwerk but encapsulates the very spirit of the techno movement.

Crafted with precision, the logo intertwines industrial beats, community spirit, and the unity of minds immersed in rhythm. It serves as a visual anthem, resonating with our core values, placing community at the forefront of the techno movement.

Our commitment to visual excellence extends beyond the logo. From sharp edges representing the edgy nature of techno to the seamless flow of design mirroring the fluidity of sound, every element is a deliberate dance with artistic expression.

But Bolwerk isn't just a sound; it's a lifestyle. That's why we ventured into crafting merchandise that captures the essence of Bolwerk's new logo and stylistic elements.  It's not just about wearing a logo; it's about donning the very vibe of techno.


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