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Studio by Nas


Visual identity & Product Design




Joost and Noa got in touch with an ambitious vision - to create a cocktail bar inspired by 1920s Prohibition-era America, called a speakeasy. Focusing on Al Capone, aka Scarface, a notorious figure in the bootlegging trade during the Prohibition, we delved into the fascinating world of speakeasies.


The visual identity was shaped by Al Capone's iconic mugshot. The numbering system is what inspired me to design the signature of the speakeasy. A portrait with a fedora completed the picture, paying homage to the fashion icons of the time.


To complete the visual identity, Art Deco emerged as the style, known for its elegant forms that captivated the period from 1920 to about 1939. By merging traditional typography, a color palette inspired by Prohibition and stylish elements, the visual identity came to life.


This identity flows seamlessly into the ambiance, decor and the cocktail menu we designed. Every detail, from the interior to the unique high-end cocktails and delicious appetizers, tells the story of the roaring twenties. Step into the era of clandestine speakeasies at 1920 byStirr!


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