Virtual History

The team has been given the challenge to make an overall concept and interaction application for the Noord Brabants Museum which enhances to look actively at art in an original way. The target audience for this project was higher educated high school students. The Noord Brabants Museum is presenting art, culture and history of Noord Brabant to everyone. Despite that students from the high school are our main public.


Creative Direction Pepijn van Bakel

Art Direction  Kevin Nas

3D Visual Designer Marijn Poelmans

Graphic Designer Eva Tromp

Graphic Designer Gydon Amitai

Graphic Designer Luna van Loon

With Virtual History, you experience the historical paintings through virtual reality glasses. Let your curiosity go and put on the virtual reality glasses to step into the life of the painting. Here you can find information about the scenery, but that is not all. You can experience different locations where the painting was located. With the controllers you can move objects in the room where you are.

The new way of experiencing art is to use Virtual History in Museums. Have you ever wanted to know the life cycle of an artwork? Where your favorite painting comes from and where it has been? That is the new way in which Virtual History will present art. Virtual Reality glasses were used to give visitors an innovative way of experiencing art in museums.


Commissioned by
Het Noord Brabants Museum 's Hertogenbosch

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