Self Portrait

I took the first two photographs digitally. I tried to challenge myself to develop self-portraits that I would not make of myself before.


After these two portraits, I challenged myself to take the portraits with an analog medium format camera, the Mamiya 645 Pro. It is important to set the correct composition, exposure and focus without putting yourself in the frame. My challenge was to visualize the photograph as well as possible so that I can expect what the end result will be.


The most important challenge is to tell a part about myself in the different photographs.


Let yourself be inspired and look at the photos first without reading the text.

Ask yourself: What do I see? What would be said with these photos?


All the photographs in this series of self-portraits are directed by me.

Watch the video below!


Creative Director Kevin Nas

Photography Kevin Nas

Inspirator • Marcel de Buck

Photograph clicker • Michel Daniels

Photograph clicker • Roselind van de Geer 

Photograph clicker Thomas Pieterse

Model • Ivy Rose Nas