Given that the export of drugs is unprecedentedly high and that there are different "professions" from making to transport, we were made to think. This industry has many different professional options, exports are number one in the Netherlands and there is a lot of development within this field. The people who work here are taught it in practice. But what if this is easier to learn, structured and made safe? You normally follow training to work in an industry, but there is no such thing for the drug industry. Why not?


Creative Direction Kevin Nas

Creative Direction Bram Smith


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With this education we wanted to indicate that drugs have become so normal in the society, but it is still not liked to be discussed. There is already a lot of tolerated. The education puts an extra spotlight on the fact that, even though it meets the requirements to start a course, it should not be allowed. Indeed, there is talk about drugs. This training will be aimed at people who are going to apply for a new training, between 17 and 25 years old with a previous education EM, NG, NT or MBO4.

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The education is set up when there is a demand for it and when it fills a gap in the market. The gap in the market now would be that there are no training courses for professions in the drug industry.

We also seek discussion with the school. We have made the course meet government requirements. In addition, the training is not illegal through various loopholes. The only reason for rejection would be that the training is drug related. With the help of a well-written pitch and good visual support, the intention was to present our training to the board and so to experience and enter into the discussion.

To make the training legal, the main focus was on the positive effects of drug use on people. Namely making people happier, depriving stress and more. By promoting that it has medical benefits, drug use goes a bit more into the background.

The education is promoted on the Avans website, Instagram and Facebook page. There will also be a table on the open day and evening where more information can be obtained about the Medicinal Distribution & Management Analytics (MDMA) course.

The Team


In this photo you see us wearing IDD shirts. The first name of the education was suppose to be Innovation & Drugs Distribution. 

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