Expliciet GWW-Contracten



In the video below you can view the entire landing page and the processed animations in it. Of course you can also experience the website yourself by clicking here.


Michel Nas also offers workshops. If you are interested in this you can sign up for it. On the page of the workshops you can read detailed explanations and by means of a clear questionnaire you can immediately register for this.

Of course the website can also be used for mobile users.


Feel free to take a look at the Explicit GWW-Contracts website.



Creative Direction  Kevin Nas

UX/UI Design  Kevin Nas

I created a new website for Michel Nas, owner of Explicit GWW-Contracts. On his website it was necessary to publish the work on which he worked. Thanks to a smart gallery, it is easy to view the different projects here.

It is also very accessible for new partners to contact Explicit GWW-contracts. All you have to do is scroll down and here you will find all the information you need.

I have incorporated various elements of civil engineering on the website to make visually clear what Expliciet GWW Contracten is working on.