Embers Tuesday

Front Cover Embers Tuesday

The female modern rock band has released a new album called Tuesday. The album concept is that "extraordinary things can happen on very ordinary days". This challenging concept gave me the idea to look at recent and important global events.

A number of important elements Embers wanted to include in their album cover are; "Ocean", "Metallic" and "Geometric".


Creative Direction  Melanie Greenwood

Graphic Design  Kevin Nas

The idea behind the album cover is the world turned upside down. We throw away a lot of waste, bottles and other everyday items. Animals that live in the ocean die from our daily waste without us having to worry about it. But what would it be like if we were face to face with our enemy on a daily basis for our basic necessity, water in a bottle?

Back Cover Embers Tuesday

Through an extraordinary thing that can happen on a very ordinary day, users of daily waste will become more aware of their use.

Through this concept I have also tried the idea of juxtaposition, mixing two elements together that normally do not go together to form a new meaning.

For the typography I used a rock font on the cover of the album. I made this choice to make it clear to the viewer that this is a modern rock album. On the back I used a graceful handwritten font to identify the feminine beauty.

Embers booklet

Embers - Tuesday disc

CD Front cover
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